Here are some more amazing and inspiring words from Rachel Fontenot! Sorry I’ve been lax in posting, I’ve been WORKING!! I will be posting pictures at some point in the next day or two.

Rachel Crawford Art

Do you create everyday? Or at least most days? I do. Mostly cause I don’t sit still very well (my hands just have to be making something!) and also because it’s a healthy practice for an artist. Any and all artists. Writers, actors, musicians… this is for you too. I speak in terms of fine art (because that’s me!) but it applies to all the arts. Just insert your craft and medium here__________!

I draw 6 out of 7 days (yes, I have sketchbooks galore!…which is wonderful because this is where I draw inspiration for art work and pattern design). And I also crochet or hand sew most days too. I work on art and business by day and doodle and crochet by night!

Drawing or doodling as a daily practice is crucial to the survival of the fine artist. It’s like a pianist playing scales or a dancer’s warm…

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