Falling off your unicorn

It seems that unicorns have taken over my life.  My past three posts have been about unicorns, and though I intended it as a tongue in cheek, funny way to stimulate conversation with my readers, it’s surprisingly apt.  Unicorns are mythical creatures (except for the ones that I’m sending to you guys, those are real), a dream really.  And isn’t that what being an artists is like a lot of times?  Isn’t it a dream to be able to share your creativity with others and have them experience something through your eyes?

I would imagine that if you were ever to be able to ride a unicorn that it would take some doing not to fall off.  Only the most experienced horseman (or woman) would be able to retain their seat on this beautiful, wild creature.  It’s the same for artists, in my eyes.  It’s so very easy when you’re new to the scene and unknown to fall off of your unicorn.  It can be discouraging to produce, produce, produce and have your efforts fall short of your goals.  I think the same theory would apply here as would apply to riding a unicorn.  You just have to shake off the fall, get back up on your unicorn and give it another go.

I haven’t made it to that point yet, and perhaps I’ll change my mind when I get there.  I’m still sitting on the fence watching everyone else try to ride their unicorns.  I WANT to ride a unicorn, but fear is keeping me firmly attached to the fence.  The amazing people in my life have noticed my dissatisfaction with being a spectator and have been very vocal about encouraging me to get off the fence and at least TRY.  It’s very difficult, but slowly, I’m listening to them.

When I started this blog, I started it for me.  I enjoy sharing the things that motivate me to create, but by putting this in a public area I feel accountable.  I feel that I HAVE to do something with my motivation so that I can share with others the important lesson that I’m trying so desperately to learn.  It is NOT always about creating masterpieces.  It’s not even always about creating things for others.  It’s about fostering your own creativity and TRYING.

I found this amazing metallic paint a few months ago. It’s beautiful and I love it.  I’ve been staring at it, afraid to use it.  Afraid to “waste” it on something inconsequential.  Now that really is a waste.  It dawned on me yesterday that letting it sit there was a worse crime than not using it.  So, I painted a box of tissues with it.  It looks like crap, but the paint is being used now, and that’s all it really wanted.  That’s all I wanted when I bought it.  I’m now working on a Coptic bound journal that will use this paint for it’s covers.  It looks like painting that box of tissues got a ball rolling, and who knows where it will stop!

Today will be a slow day in my studio.  I’m using it as a day to get together a supply list and to plan out future projects.  Knowing me, I’ll end up making something even if it’s “wrong.”

Where are you on your journey to ride the unicorn?  Have you mastered it, or are you like me and still sitting on the fence?

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