Free Unicorns

See, the thing is, I’m NOT a computer guru, I’m an artist.  I’ve been attempting to put a poll up so that I can tailor my content to what YOU would like to see.  There’s a pretty varied post type on my blog, everything from incoherent ramblings to how tos and even exhibition announcements.  I’m enjoying blogging, but I’d like for the experience to be fun and informative for you, the reader, as well.

SOOOOOO….to qualify for your free unicorn, which I will be sending out via fairy dust next week, all you need to do is let me know which of my posts you’ve found to be to your taste.  Of course, none of them along with a suggestion is also considered a unicorn worthy answer.  THERE WILL BE NO UNICORNS FOR LIKES!  I’m sorry, but there just aren’t that many unicorns.

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4 thoughts on “Free Unicorns

  1. Sketchbooks & Ideas, Work in Progress, Teasers…
    Yeah pretty much anything 😉

  2. Your art and hand bound journals… Anything you create! And your thoughts on living the artists life. Basically, just you being you and letting that flow into this blog. 🙂

    Happy blogging.


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