Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize and Exhibition

The 4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize and Exhibition will be held in October and November of 2013.  You can find additional information about this here.

Why in the world am I telling YOU about this?  Because, it’s an excellent opportunity for those of you looking to “get your feet wet” with showing your work and also because their website has pictures of artist’s books.  So what?  So, take a look at some of their past entries.  They’re quite intriguing, and inspiring.

I’m currently working on a tunnel book to send to Sheffield.  I’ve never built a tunnel book before (other than the model for the one I’m working on) so this has been a real learning process for me.  It’s a lot more math than I’m really comfortable with, but I think the end result will make it worth all of my measuring struggles.

Sheffield Progress 001

This is my primary project right now, and I’m struggling not to just slap it together quickly, but to take my time with it.  Having only produced books for classes, I’m used to fast deadlines and very forgiving standards.  I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t for a class critique, that my critique will come from the general public (and a panel of experts).  If I dwell on this too long, I find that a rock magically appears in my gut.  What if it looks like crap to them?  What if they all hate it?  What if I hate it when it’s done?  I try not to think about that, but instead focus on making each component of the book to the highest quality standard that I can.  Hopefully, this will work.

Have you ever shown any of your work?  I’d like to hear about it, and about how you deal with that rock in your gut at the thought of other people judging you.

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