21 March 2013

Yesterday, I began work on a tunnel book. It was during the “watching paint dry” phase that I created this blog.  I’d been meaning to build a site and start blogging for ages, but as I sat there watching the big glops of Modge Podge dry that I asked myself, “Why not now?” I couldn’t come up with a good reason to put it off any longer.  And so, here I sit, blogging.

Last night, I worked on the “About” section of the blog, and I believe in what I said there. I firmly believe that we are surrounded by art every day. It’s an artist’s responsibility to share this with the world, to evoke some sort of response.  Primarily, I work in the visual arts.  As the name of my blog implies, I don’t limit myself to a canvas.  I’m still exploring media and techniques, and I hope that you will as well.

For today’s “inspiration” I thought that I would keep it pretty easy, both for you and for myself.  Since I’ve been walking around with my head in the clouds dreaming about setting up a blog, today’s work is going to focus on “Dreams.”  Whatever concept that word evokes in you, create something that will share it.  Let it take whatever form it will.  I would love to see the results from today’s “inspiration” and will share mine with you…as soon as I stop writing this post and get it done!

But listen to the colour of your dreams.

-The Beatles

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4 thoughts on “21 March 2013

  1. I’ve completed my Inspiration piece for today. It’s included in an altered book that I am currently working on. I used a combination of spray paint, spackling, watercolors, acrylic paints, charcoal and markers.

    I can’t wait to see more inspiration!

  2. Blogging is a great way to share the inspiration (and it’s addictive) ! Thanks for following.

    • Thank you for the encouraging words! I confess, I checked out your beautiful blog, but since it was zero crazy thirty at the time, I refrained from making any incoherent comments. Rest assured, I will be frequenting your posts as I have an inability to resist beautiful things!

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